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Welcome to the
Earthquake Project!

In case you must evacuate, where will you go? What is around you that could be a safe haven? What around you could add to the catastrophe?


You and your family must have a plan to evacuate your neighborhood if needed. 

If you and your family are separated during an emergency and communication towers are down, where will you meet? Does your child know where it is and who to trust? What safety measures do you have in place to ensure your child does not wander off with a stranger?

As a family, map out your reunification plan.

Does your child know where your fire extinguishers are? What about possible places of exit?

Together, sketch out a diagram of your home and the locations of life-saving devices and emergency exits.

A word game where you or your child fill in: What is in your emergency kit today, what your ideal emergency kit looks like in the future, and what steps you can take over time to build your ideal emergency kit.

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